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Books and Reference
Selection of Books, Pamphlets and Cards related to Historical Canadian Art

“The Fine Arts in Canada” (Newton MacTavish, M.A., The MacMillan Company of Canada, 1925); “The First Exhibition in Fifty Years of Oil Paintings By Russell Smith and his son Xanthus Smith” (Vose Galleries of Boston Inc., n.d.); “Paul Kane: Sketchpad” (Charles J. Musson Limited, Publishers, 1969); “Parkman Centenary Celebration” (pamphlet, Parkman Centenary Sub-Committee and McGill University, Montreal, 1923); “Canadian Aspirations in Painting” (Walter Abell, reprinted from ‘Culture’, 1942, inscribed on cover by the author); “The Gal;lery of Canadian Art: 1: Cornelius Krieghoff” (Marius Barbeau, McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1962); “Frederick Simpson Coburn” (Gerald Stevens, forward by A.Y. Jackson, Ryerson Press, 1958); “Aspects of Contemporary Painting in Canada” (Addison Gallery of American Art, 1942); “Ontario Society of Artists 75th Annual Spring Exhibition” (1947); “Canadian Painting: An Exhibition Arranged by the National Gallery of Canada” (National Gallery of Art Smithsonian Institution, Washington, 1950); “Peaople’s Art: Naive Art in Canada” (The National Gallery of Canada, 1973); “The National Gallery of Canada Bulletin” (The National Gallery of Canada, issue 7, 1966); “A Tribute tot he First Canadians: A Collection of Historical Paintings on Indian Life” (Selection of prints in original box, 1968); “The Face of Early Canada: Pictures of Canada which have helped to make history” (F. St. George Spendlove, Ryerson Press, 1958); “David Milne: Painting Place” (Rosmarie L. Tovell, The National Gallery of Canada, 1976); “Reflections in a Quiet Pool: The Prints of David Milne” (Rosmarie L. Tovell, The National Gallery of Canada, 1980)
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Books and Reference