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Consignor Canadian Fine Art is actively pursuing artwork by Historical and Post-War Canadian Artists. This directory provides details of artists and/or their works which have been sold through past Consignor sales. While this database gives an indication of the artists and their works which would be accepted for consignment to future Consignor auctions, please note that this listing does not represent an exclusive list and clients are encouraged to contact our offices should the artist of your artwork not be represented.

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Found 14 artists who's last name begins with 'E'

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Paul Barnard Earle
(1872 - 1955)
Mary Alexandra Bell Eastlake
(1864 - 1951)
Aaron Allan Edson
(1846 - 1888) SCA, OSA, RCA
Douglas Ferguson Elliott
(1916 - 2012) OIP
Emily Louise Orr Elliott
(1867 - 1952)
John Ensor
(1905 - 1995) RCA
John Esler
(1933 - 2001)
Sheojuk Etidlooie
(1929 - 1999)
Sorel Etrog
(1933 - 2014) RCA
Peter Maxwell Ewart
(1918 - 2001)
Lewis Ewen
William Paterson Ewen
(1925 - 2002) RCA
Ivan Kenneth Eyre
(1935) RCA